Contacting the Ombudsman for Equality

If you suspect that you have been discriminated against you can receive instructions and guidance from the Ombudsman for Equality. If you require legal advice and you want an answer quickly, you should get in touch with the Legal Helpline:

Legal Helpline: +358 295 666 842 Mon–Thu 9–11 and 13-15, Fri 9–11

By calling the helpline you can get guidance on how to deal with your matter. The Ombudsman for Equality’s guidance is free of charge and confidential. You can also contact us anonymously. Each case is individual and we will give you advice for your particular situation. Your issue remains between you and your counsellor only.

If our expert thinks that a written inquiry procedure is required to assess whether you have been discriminated against or not, you will be given advice on how to prepare your letter to the Ombudsman for Equality. We recommend that you contact our helpline before writing to us. Guidance by the Ombudsman for Equality is free of charge.

Also remember to check whether an answer to your question is included in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Writing to the Ombudsman for Equality

You can request that the Ombudsman for Equality looks into your case by filling in our electronic contact form. The Ombudsman for Equality will consider whether or not an inquiry procedure is justified in your case. The inquiry procedure is usually initiated if the letter to the Ombudsman gives reason to suspect that the case involves conduct which is in violation of the Equality Act.

The Ombudsman for Equality replies to all letters. The service is free of charge. You will receive a statement from the Ombudsman for Equality regarding the inquiry procedure within 6–12 months. The official languages of proceedings are Finnish and Swedish.

Switchboard: +358 295 666 830
Secretary of the Ombudsman for Equality: +358 295 666 839
Registry Office: +358 295 666 840
Communications: +358 295 666 837
Advice on equality planning and quotas in the workplace: +358 295 666 838
Advice on equality planning in educational institutions: +358 295 666 834

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